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The next annual meeting of the French Society of Psychophysiology and Cognitive  Neurosciences (SPNC) will be co-organized with Cutting Gardens and will be held at Caen University.

The SPNC (Psychophysiology and Cognitive Neuroscience Society) is a French-speaking society aiming at federating researchers in Europe (France, Belgium, Switzerland) in the investigation of the association between cognition and brain activity with M/EEG methods.

Oral sessions are open for Ph.D students and postdocs (15 min) until May 26th (250 word abstract). See registration below.



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Some Lecturers /Teachers

Sahar Moghimi, Université de Picardie Jules Verne, Inserm (U1105, Amiens): Auditory rhythm perception in premature newborns

Nacin Betrouni (U1172, Lille): EEG biomarkers of cognitive decline: studies in Parkinson’s disease and different forms of dementia.

Lucie Angel, Université de Tours (U7295, Tours): An electrophysiological approach of memory in aging

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Venue – How to reach the Caen Garden


The meeting is hosted at Caen University, in the Belvédère room (“D” Building”). The historical campus is located in downtown Caen.

Arrival and Stay in Caen

From the train station, both T1 and T2 tramways can be used to reach the university. On foot, the university is located next to Caen’s castle.

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