Genova, Italy

16-19 October 2023




The Genova garden is organized by a group of researchers from University of Genova, IRCCS Medea, Milano-Bicocca, Padova, Verona and Trento.

The Genova garden will focus on 1) the use of EEG to study typical and atypical development; 2) the state of the art of EEG-TMS and 3) good practice in M/EEG studies. The Genova Garden is an in-person event, with some sessions broadcasted across all Gardens.



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Featured Speakers /Teachers

Lino Nobili, Judit Gervain, Marco Buiatti, Paolo Belardinelli, Silvia Casarotto


Source Localization with SESAME, Preprocessing with EEGLAB, EEG and eye-tracking integration, Arfifact removal pipelines for human newborn EEG data, EEG-TMS

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Program details


 09:45       Opening remarks

10:00       Local Talk

  • From dolphins to sleep walkers. Sleep as a global and local phenomenon – Lino Nobili

11:00       Coffee Break

11:30       Local Talk – Source Localization

  • Source reconstruction in M/EEG – A. Sorrentino

12:00       Tutorial 1 – Hands-on SESAME: a multi-dipole localization method – A. Pascarella, A. Viani, G. Luria

13:00       Lunch

14:30   –     [Global] Theoretical advances in Cognitive Neuroscience made through MEEG

  • The Gut-brain-consciousness Axis– C. Tallon-Baudry
  • Tracking Attentional Dynamics Across Vision, Working Memory, and Action – F. Van Ede
  • Emergence of language during early development – C. Francois

17:00       Discussion

17:30   –     Welcome



9:00    –     Tutorial 2 – Preprocessing with EEGLABC. Porcaro, C. Piazza

11:00       Break

11:30       Tutorial 3 – EEG and eye-tracking integrationC. Huber-Huber, A. Vitale

13:00       Lunch

14:30   –     [Global] Challenges / opportunites in RT EEG processing and classification tools in BCI

  • Geometric deep learning meets BCI – R. Kobler
  • Facing the Small Data Reality – M. Tangermann
  • Conducting BCI protocols with Patients – T. Vaughan

17:00       Discussion

17:30       Poster & beer


9:00    –     Local Talks – Infant EEG

  • EEG to study typical and atypical development: Issues and Practices – C. Cantiani
  • The developmental origins of embedded neural oscillations for speech and language processing: the role of prenatal and early postnatal experience – J. Gervain
  • Frequency-tagging: a powerful method to investigate neurocognitive development with EEG – M. Buiatti
  • A developmental approach to EEG cortical source analysis – S. Conte

11:00       Break

11:30       Tutorial 4 – Arfifact removal pipelines for human newborn EEG dataV. Prabhakar Kumaravel

13:00       Lunch

14:30   –     [Global] Reproducible processing pipelines and multiverses

  • EEGmanypipelines – E. Cesnaite
  • The Data-Processing Multiverse of Event-Related Potentials – P. Clayson
  • Agreed Reporting Template for EEG Methodology – International Standard – A. Šoškić

17:00       Discussion

17:30       Poster & beer



9:00    –     Local Talks – EEG-TMS

  • Comparison of different TMS-EEG cleaning pipelines: Advantages, Issues and Challenges – P. Belardinelli and A. Brancaccio
  • Effective and functional connectivity analysis of TMS-EEG data – A. Pisoni

11:00       Break

11:30       Tutorial 5 – Real-time monitoring of TMS-evoked potentials to improve data quality – S. Casarotto

13:00       Lunch

14:30   –     [Global] Deep neural network analysis of MEEG data: A roadmap to using machine learning with MEEG

  • Learning M/EEG Representations with Self-Supervision – H. Banville
  • Classic Machiane Learning versus Deep Learning: Is there a clear winner – M. De Vos
  • Using Artificial DNN to Predict and understand human vision – R. Martin Cichy

17:00       Discussion

Program booklet with all abstracts 

Local Speakers/Teachers

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Venue – How to reach the Genova Garden


The garden will take place in the Conference Room of the Computer Science Department of the University of Genoa located in Via Dodecaneso, 35. Indications to the room will be visible at the entrance.

The venue can be easily reached from Stazione Brignole using bus number 45/85/86/87 (direction East, i.e. across the street from the railway station), and stopping at the “Papigliano” stop. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about finding the venue.  

You can see the location of the venue on this map

Arrival and Stay in Genova

Genova can be easily reached by TRAIN. We highly recommend this means of transportation, in accordance with the philosophy behind a multi-hub event.

Coming to Genova by TRAIN

The nearest train station to the conference venue is Genova Brignole. There are numerous Intercity trains from Milan Central to Genova Principe (some of them continue to Brignole), approximately one every hour. There are also Eurostar, Intercity, Frecciarossa trains from RomaTermini and Turin.

Coming to Genova by BUS

Genova is well-connected to various destinations within Italy and parts of Europe by Flixbus

Coming to Genova by CAR

Getting to Genova by car is relatively straightforward, as the city is well-connected to the rest of Italy and neighboring countries.

Coming to Genova by PLANE

VOLABUS is the AMT shuttle bus service departing from Cristoforo Colombo airport to Brignole and Principe Train Stations, crossing the city centre. In 30 minutes you can get the arrival terminal or the city centre by a coach fully equipped with any comfort and a big luggage van.

VOLABUS is a direct daily, comfortable service running 7 days a week, stopping at few pick up points (to airport only pick up, from airport only drop off). Alternatively, a taxi ride between the airport and the city centre costs approximately € 30-20.



We recommend you to find accommodation in the city center, specifically in areas like Albaro or close to Brignole station. The venue of the conference can be easily accessed by bus. 

The Capannina hotel offers a special conference rate.

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