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Havana Garden is organized by the Cuban Center for Neuroscience (CNEURO), a research institute located in Havana City, Cuba. CNEURO’s mission focuses on basic and applied neuroscience research as well as on the development of neurotechnology for screening, diagnosing and treating problems related to mental health.


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Havana Garden is organized by the Cuban Center for Neuroscience (CNEURO), a high-technology center devoted to brain research and Neurotechnology. CNEURO has a long history of EEG research, from equipment development to clinical applications of quantitative tomographic EEG, including the performance of cognitive ERP studies, the development of novel models/methods for EEG analysis and neuroinformatics tools for creating and processing large EEG databases. Some of the current main research fields are the early diagnosis and treatment of Alzheimer Disease, neuro-rehabilitation in aging, neurodevelopmental disorders and neuro-rehabilitation in school-age learning, audiology/hearing aids, neuroinformatics and neuro-surgical Brain Mapping Devices.


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