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The Talca Garden will be held at The Neuropsychology and Cognitive Neurosciences Research Center (CINPSI Neurocog) at the Catholic University of Maule (UCM). This event is scheduled to be an in-person gathering, but there will also be an option to broadcast it to all Gardens.

The Talca Garden will span across the four days. On the first day, we have scheduled two theoretical presentations. The second day will feature a tutorial about EEG processing (microstates). The third day we will hold a social event (pub crawling on Talca). Finally, on the fourth day we count with a tutorial on EEG methods (states of consciousness measuring).

Furthermore, we are arranging a live stream of the Global Program, allowing anyone interested to join remotely. External attendees are more than welcome to participate, but prior registration will be required for attendance. 



#Consciousness, perception and prediction, #Bistable perceptual phenomena, #EEG microstates

Featured Speakers /Teachers

An information-theoretic framework for studying EEG/iEEG signals during perception and prediction – Andrés Canales-Johnson

Using EEG to study bistable perceptual phenomena – Chiara Saracini

How can we measure states of consciousness? Translating ideas from Mechanistic Principles to EEG methods – Jacobo Sitt


Challenges in EEG studies with microstates – Eric Lillo

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Important dates

The deadline for registration at the Talca Garden is Friday, October 13, 17:00 Chilean time.

Registration Fee

We will have scholarships for research center members or/and affiliates.


Venue – How to reach the Talca Garden


The Neuropsychology and Cognitive Neurosciences Research Center (CINPSI Neurocog) is characterized to be a relevant node of cognitive neuroscience research in the south of Chile. It is located in the Maule Region, at the San Miguel campus of the Catholic University of Maule (UCM) just east of Talca downtown.

The conference will be held in the Conference Room located on the Health Sciences Faculty dependencies, San Miguel Avenue, 3605, Talca.

We are located in the northeast corner of campus (building 47 on the map). 

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Coming to Talca by CAR

Located next to two of the city’s principal avenues, 2 Norte and San Miguel avenues, UCM campus San Miguel is just minutes from the Plaza de Armas, and is easily accessible by the major freeway Ruta 5 Sur.



Talca offers different accommodation alternatives, the most popular being the Hotel Diego de Almagro and EcoHotel, both located in the center of the city and with excellent connectivity.

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