Ghent, Belgium


The Ghent university CuttingEEG Garden is hosted by the department of experimental psychology. Besides local expertise on neurophysiology, cognition, and neuroimaging, we are welcoming external speakers to give local keynotes, and are hosting a poster session where attendees can present their own research projects. Local talks will be focused on the application of machine learning techniques in a scientific context. What you can expect:

  • The globally streamed CuttingEEG program
  • Hands-on tutorials on M/EEG analysis using MNE-Python
  • A local in-person seminar on machine learning for science using EEG
  • A chance to discuss your research with experts during a poster session
  • Coffee for everyone, lunch for tutorial participants


#EEG, #Machine Learning

Featured Speakers /Teachers

Jelmer Borst, Mengqiao Chai, Roos Doekemeijer, Joshua Eayrs, Raquel London, Tabitha Steendam, Diego Vidaurre, Ingmar de Vries, Gabriel Weindel, Sven Wientjes


#MNE, #Preprocessing, #Machine Learning, #Multivariate pattern analysis with hidden semi-markov models

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Local program

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· If you wish to attend the garden in Ghent, please register here.

· To register it is mandatory to first become a member of CuttingEEG.

· To present a poster please indicate you want to do so in the registration form. We will then contact you with the details.



Important dates

·  Deadline registrations:
·  Deadline abstract submissions:


We welcome poster presentations of planned EEG experiments, collected EEG data, analyzed data and even EEG art! For more information about these categories check out CuttingEEG 2021.

Registration Fee

· Talks: 20eu
· MNE Tutorials: 30eu
You are also welcome to attend the fall edition of our EEG Methods Seminar series, which we have conveniently planned on the morning of the 19th of October. Please indicate your attendance in the registration form (free of charge).

Venue – How to reach the Ghent Garden


The Ghent CuttingEEG garden is hosted by the department of experimental psychology, located at the Henri Dunantlaan 2 in Ghent, Belgium. The city of Ghent is easy to reach by train, and has good options for public transport within the city as well.


Coming to Ghent by TRAIN

Belgium has an excellent train system. Times and destinations can be easily checked via the national train service SNCB:

Coming to Ghent by CAR

Though not preferred, it is possible to travel to Ghent by car. Free parking can be found close to the department of experimental psychology, the venue where our garden is hosted. A free shuttle can take you from this parking lot to the city center of Ghent. Though only available in Dutch, more information can be found at

Contact the Ghent team

From left to right on the picture, the organizing committee of the Ghent garden consists of: Mengqiao Chai, Tabitha Steendam, Roos Doekemeijer, Raquel London, Sven Wientjes, Joshua Eayrs, and Daniele Marinazzo.

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