Santiago, Chile


The Universidad de Talca, the Universidad del Desarrollo, and the Universidad Diego Portales have joined efforts to host the Santiago Garden experience, an hybrid (online and in situ) conference devoted to learn the last developments in electroencephalography (EEG) and magnetoencephalography (MEG).

1. Cutting-edge methods on M/EEG (broadcasted globally).
2. Local lectures and tutorials (broadcasted for attendees out of Santiago).
3. Local studies: share your work in progress and get feedback at the Research Forum.



  • M/EEG acquisition and analysis
  • Building bridges between psychology and M/EEG research
  • Mobile Brain/Body Imaging (MoBI)

Featured Speakers /Teachers

Marcela Peña Garay

Klaus Gramann

Francisco Parada

Daniel Rojas


EEG Workshop part I. EEG (behavior)

EEG Workshop part II. EEG (data collection, hyperscanning, real-world neuroscience)

Local Program




Local program

Global - Plenary lecture

Local - Lectures

Local - Tutorials

Local - Social Events

Local - Food / Posters

Local - Satellite Event

Local Speakers/Teachers

Klaus Gramann

Full professor. Department of Biopsychology and Neuroergonomics, Technical University of Berlin, Germany

Francisco Parada

Associate Professor. Center for Human Neuroscience & Neuropsychology. Department of Psychology, Universidad Diego Portales, Chile.

Marcela Peña

Full professor. Department of Psychology, Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, Chile

Daniel Rojas

Assistant Professor. Center for Human Neuroscience & Neuropsychology. Department of Psychology, Universidad Diego Portales, Chile.

Research Forum

Rocio Belen Loyola Navarro 14:30
Valeria Bejarano Salcedo 14:50
Andrés Omar Muñoz-Najar Pacheco 15:10
Catalina Antonia Bahamonde Ulloa 15:30

Sebastián Andrés Vásquez Pinto 15:50
Mónica Camila Toro Venegas 16:10
Josefina Mattoli Sánchez 16:30
Adriana Julieth Olaya Torres 16:50
Evelyn Angélica Alvarez Espinoza 17:10
Osvaldo Manuel Farfán Ortega 17:30

Flash talk (5′) + Questions (15′)

Register for the Santiago Garden


Registration/max capacity



· The form is to attend the Santiago Garden only

· To register it is mandatory to first become a member of CuttingEEG.



Important dates

  • Registration for in-person participation is closed.
  • Registration for online participation will close on October 11th 2023.

Registration Fee

Online participation is free of charge.


Venue – How to reach the Santiago Garden


The conference will be taking place at the Department of Psychology of the Universidad Diego Portales, Vergara 275, Santiago (map). This location is at the city center and easily reachable by public transport from anywhere in the city.


Coming to Santiago by TRAIN

At the moment Santiago is not well connected by train.

Coming to Santiago by BUS

Santiago can be easily reached this way. There are many others operating on the national level (to buy tickets see ChilePasajes and Recorrido).


Coming to Santiago by CAR

Santiago has a main international highway route (ruta 5) and it is easily accessible by car. To keep in spirit with the eco-friendly nature of the conference, please try to share your vehicle with others if you opt for this mode of transport.

Coming to Santiago by PLANE

Santiago has an international airport, Arturo Merino Benitez, with shuttle services and bus lines to Santiago.


We recommend finding accommodation in the city centre, where the venue is. Google Maps offers public transport routes in case you are considering a location not within walking distance. Please get in touch if you need information on accommodation.

Contact the Santiago team

José Luis Ulloa
Universidad de Talca
Francisco Parada
Universidad Diego Portales

Nerea Aldunate
Universidad del Desarrollo

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